Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MidAmerica Herbal Symposium in June

I wanted to post information on a conference I'm hoping to attend this June in Winona, Minnesota. I'm so excited about it! Some of my favorite herbalists will be there presenting workshops, and many of my favorite fellow herb students will be attending.

Famous herbalists like Susun Weed, Matthew Wood, Margi Flint, David Hoffman, Phyllis Light and many others will be there. This is Minnesota's chance to shine in the herb world! And I'm so excited they're all coming *practically* to my doorstep. I will certainly learn a lot from them.

I have made it my goal to see five new herbal consultation clients in the next month so I can raise the money to go to the conference. Please come see me soon if you've been thinking about it! I can help you out and you can help me. Win-win.

It's called the Inaugural MidAmerica Herbal Symposium (as this is its first year). Click on the link to find out more.