Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Link To My New Blog

I'm excited to start a new blog, Lisa Zahn Writes. The new blog will feature an eclectic mix of writings on various topics I find interesting. I will have some of my favorite posts from this site linked over there, and I will continue to write an occasional herbal medicine article right here. So, I'm keeping this blog open but as you can see my posting here is rare. Come see my new blog when you can!

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Kristena Haslam said...

Hi Lisa,
Good for you on working on your writing! It is so important
I am enjoying catching up on your blog this evening and I noticed you have my old blog on your reading list.
That addy has changes to

It is not blessings of an herbwyfe anymore...I moved, things changed, and I like you am DIVING IN DEEPER to the good herbal things.
take care of yourself and abundant blessings to you!

p.s. the blog parties might be starting up so please take part next month if we do one